Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NYC cab customer service

I Take a NYC taxi twice a week to get to and from my internship. Im usually half asleep in the car so any complaints or comments that i may have remain in my head because im to tired to care. But for the sake of this assignment i took down the number to the taxi comanies customer service number for comments or complaints. I actually called from inside the cab. After a brief hold a nice women answered my call. Her tone over the phone gave off the vibe that she was irritated that i even called. I decided that i would make a semi complaint about the televisions that have been recently installed inside each cab in NYC. Each car plays live television giving the news and entertainment information. Its actually very cool but can be annoying if your trying to sleep. I simply started having a conversation with the women about how i feel these tv can distract the drivers and that passengers shoul be able to turn the tv off whenever they want. the lady changed her tone in a split second and started agreeing with me. She let me know that there was most likely nothing she can do to help. As i kept talking i could tell she was getting annoyed because the conversation wasnt really going anywhere. I basically hung up the phone on her because i felt she was being disrespectful when alll i wanted to do was talk about the stid tvs in the car. i dont understand how these people can get mad onthe phone when their job discription is to provide customer service and respond to comments and complaints. if your guno be annoyed by customers thenfind another job.

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