Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Johnson and Johnson Crisis Management

One of the most famous PR case studies is that of the "Tylenol Crisis" in the 80's which promoted tamper proof caps on all medicine bottles. Johnson and Johnson handled that situation well and are continually praised for their transparency and quick action. Today however, Johnson and Johnson are not as highly regarded. As of May 2010 they had experienced 4 drug recalls in 7 months and had been attempting to make it go away without consumers knowing. A Business Insider story from May features an interview with a PR executive at another company who says that, "We’ve seen buzz on parenting message boards that many loyal Johnson & Johnson consumers feel cheated from paying the higher brand name price over time," only to find out that the cheaper generic would have been safer". This means that Johnson and Johnson risk losing a lot more money by lying to people than they would have by just being transparent.

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