Thursday, December 16, 2010

Starbucks and Blogs

Starbucks has several blogs, which they use to inform and interact with customers. In 2009, Starbucks began a social media campaign to win back customers as well as gain new ones following the fall of the economy and the recession period. They created a Twitter, Facebook and a blog page to reach their target audience. They also used it as a way to stay interacted with their current customers, keeping them in mind and involved as well. Their slogan was, “The social media revolved around.“ The blogs offered many things such as contests and suggestion areas for both employees and consumers to contribute to. They also created the “My Starbucks Idea” blog, which gives consumers the opportunity to post ideas they wish to see from Starbucks. These ideas are looked at by the company and possibly chosen to carry out. The blog also shows ideas that have been chosen that they can expect to see at Starbucks.

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