Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Johnson & Johnson CSR

Johnson and Johnson's main goal through CSR is to focus on improving health care worldwide. They support various programs for women and children who live in places with limited health care. Some of these include partnering with UNICEF to ensure pregnant women in India have a safe childbirth, working to provide women in Africa a simple yet life saving surgery, caring for HIV-positive orphans in Panama and many others.
They also work to provide health care education to people in countries where health care is lacking. By providing young people with the education to become doctors and nurses in their country, they are helping to eradicate the poor health care and limited resources these people have. Johnson and Johnson also works to help communities prevent HIV/AIDS as well as help people cope with various diseases as well as mental illnesses.
Johnson and Johnson does a lot of good and covers a broad spectrum of organizations that all need their help and are all relevant to their company.

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