Monday, November 1, 2010

American Express Philanthropic Efforts

Taken from the American Express website:
"At American Express, we believe that serving our communities is not only integral to running a business successfully, it is part of our individual responsibilities as citizens of the world. The mission of our Corporate Social Responsibility program is to bring to life the American Express value of good corporate citizenship by supporting diverse communities in ways that enhance the company's reputation with employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders. We do this by supporting visionary nonprofit organizations that are:
- Preserving and enriching our diverse cultural heritage
- Developing new leaders for tomorrow
- Encouraging community service where our employees and customers live and work"

American Express is committed to their philanthropic efforts, partnering with nonprofits such as Partners in Preservation, the Center for Creative Leadership and American Red Cross. The company also provides grants in the 3 major areas mentioned above within and outside of the United States, awarded by the American Express Foundation.

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