Monday, November 8, 2010

Canon CSR

Canon decides on their Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns through their corporate philosophy of kyosei, which “aspires to a society in which all people, regardless of culture, custom, language or ethnicity, harmoniously live and work together for the common good.”

Canon Global uses this philosophy to focus their Corporate Social Responsibility in a few categories. They are humanitarian aid and relief, art, culture and sports, education and science, local communities, social welfare, conservation of the environment.

Since Canon has offices all over the world their corporate social responsibility is different with each branch of the company. Some examples of their programs [pdf] are:

Asia/Oceania- Check-ups for Children- This program offers free health checkups by doctors, as well as donating household goods to impoverished children in Vietnam, where there are three Canon factories. These activities started in 2007, and have helped a total of 3,500 children to date.

The Americas- Canon Forestry Program “Generation Green”- In 2009 Canon U.S.A. had two programs of reforestation. For the consumer side, a tree was planted for every ten registrations collected of customers who purchased environmentally-friendly Canon products such as those with energy-saving designs. On the industrial side, a green initiative supported planting 10 trees for every factory-certified model business copier sold. Combined 30 thousand trees have been planted since 2008.

Africa- Sweet Dreams for Local Orphans- Since 2000, Canon has supported African orphanages. In 2008, employees from Canon South Africa gave teddy bears to the children, and spent time together reading books.

These are just some of the programs that Canon Inc. runs. With so many corporate branches they try to find programs that will resonate with the local population and have some positive effect on their communities.

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