Friday, November 19, 2010

Johnson and Johnson Crisis

Johnson and Johnson’s infamous crisis was in 1982 when Tylenol bottles were being tampered with cyanide. Johnson and Johnson responded quickly and effectively. However, recently in 2009 Johnson and Johnson had a recall on Motrin. Johnson and Johnson received negative publicity because they tried to keep the recall a secret. In 2008, Johnson and Johnson had sent contractors to go to drugstores and buy out Motrin, something known as “phantom recall”. However, people caught onto this and in 2009 Johnson and Johnson had a public recall on Motrin. Johnson and Johnson’s secrecy got them in trouble and consumers looked unfavorably on their actions. The FDA along with their shareholders were confused on the why Johnson and Johnson wanted to remove Motrin from the drugstores but did not actually make a public announce about a recall until 6 months later. Another crisis that Johnson and Johnson dealt with was the Motrin commercial that upset mommy bloggers. Johnson and Johnson have dealt with many crises. The company has done an excellent job admitting their mistakes and trying to improve their image.

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