Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goldman Sachs__IR Section of Website

The “Overview” section provides links to annual reports, earnings releases, proxy statements, presentation documents, creditor information, current press releases, and corporate governance documents.

The “Financials” section provides links to quarterly earnings; proxy statements; 10-K, 10-Q, and 8-K forms; and financial highlights.

Presentation documents used between November 10, 2009 and October 19, 2010 are available under “Presentations”.

Under “Creditor Information,” website visitors can view credit ratings, which several credit rating agencies provide; borrowings, which include commercial paper, promissory notes, short- and long-term securities, medium term notes, and global bonds; balance sheets, preferred stocks, and liquidity risk management information.

“Corporate Governance” has information regarding guidelines that are applicable to management and lists committee chairs. It includes bylaws, information pertaining to the company’s political involvement, and the Code of Ethics. It lists committee chairs for the audit, compensation, corporate governance nominating, and risk committees.

The “Business Continuity” section presents Goldman’s crisis plan.

Other pages include “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Investor Contacts.”

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