Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apple Inc. Investor Relations

Apple’s website they strategically present their investor relations. The “Stock Info” section provides the public with Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) daily stock numbers including, change, opening price, previous close price, day high and day low, and volume. The page also includes a chart to compare numbers to previous years. The “Earnings Releases” page provides the public with quarterly reports from the 2008 Fiscal Year to present. In their “Financial History” section, Apple provides links to the company’s 10-K filings as well as their quarterly income statements, balance sheet information and cash flow from operations information. Apple’s “Governance” highlights guidelines applicable to the Chief Executive Officer and other senior management. Its governance includes information pertaining to a business conduct policy and political contributions & expenditures. Apple’s most recent Quarter proved to be successful with an 83% revenue growth and 95% profit growth. During its most recent quarter iPhone sales saw a 113% increase. (Apple Reports Q2 2011 Results) The iPhone sales increase is representative of Apple’s termination of AT&T’s exclusivity to sell the smart phone device.

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