Saturday, May 14, 2011

Motts /Dr Pepper Snapple Social Media

First of all I chose Motts because who doesn't love applesauce and apple juice. Motts is constantly creating new and fun product for their demographic and they always keep it fun. I also chose Motts because of their Social Responsibility projects. They aren't just giving back to any organization but they give back to the demographic in which they serve which are children. Motts is partnered with Kaboom whose initial goal is to keep PLAY alive. Activity in children is decreasing and Kaboom hosts play days in neighborhoods around the country as well as builds play grounds. I think Motts picked a good program to partner up with.

Also Motts utilizes social media widely. T hey have a facebook, twitter, and their own blog. Motts uses their twitter and facebook more for revealing products and interaction between consumers and themselves. Their main audience for social media are parents. Mostly mommy bloggers are commenting on these sites and we all know how influential those mommy bloggers are. Motts uses their blog to get information that may be beneficial to the parents and not just for marketing or selling purposes. They have useful information as far as child health and even fun ways for chirldren to get their nutrients.

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