Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dr Pepper Snapple Consumer Relations

Dr Pepper Snapple has a consumer  relations feedback box in the contact us section of their website. Customers can give feedback or even ask questions about the product. If something is wrong with the product or with the quality, consumers are even allowed to put the specific product number and store in which the product was bought. This service shows that Dr Pepper Snapple cares about each product to track the process of it.

Dr Pepper Snapple also has their own consumer relations sector of the company. They offer the number for the consumer relations office. If people have any type of issue or question about a product or Dr Pepper Snapple, they can simply call this number. The only problem is that this service is not 24 hrs. I called around 8pm and there was an automative machine indicating that the office is not open after 5pm.

The website even offers a store locator to locate any product near you. This service is very helpful especially in finding the rarer products.

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