Sunday, May 15, 2011

Coca Cola- Corporate Social Responsibility

Coca-Cola has received many awards for their various Corporate Social Responsibility programs, one of the most prevalent being their contributions to community development in India. Coca-Cola India received a Golden Peacock Global Award for corporate Social Responsibility for replenishing ground water and setting a target to reach a “net zero” balance with respect to groundwater usage in 2009. Coca-Cola also received the India Today Pegasus Corporate Social Responsibility Gold Award 2008 for its partnership with India’s leading nongovernment organization in spreading awareness among school students across India, using the film “Our Environment-Let Us protect it”. They also had a water stewardship strategy, which focused on water conservation, access to clean drinking water, and awareness of water conservation and related issues. Coca-Cola India installed 400 rainwater-harvesting projects across India, constructed several check dams, and rejuvenated ponds and step wells.  They also launched the “Elixir of Life” project to provide portable water to more than 30,000 under-privileged children in and around Chennai. 

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