Sunday, May 15, 2011

Coca-Cola- Customer Service

The 1-800 number that I decided to call for this assignment was Coca Cola since that is the company I chose for the semester and I wanted to get a better feel of how they deal with their consumers and how good or bad their customer service was. I decided to ask a simple question that I knew could be answered on Coca Cola’s main webpage, and reviewed how I was treated and how efficiently my question was answered. I was presently surprised that I was on the phone talking with an actual person within just a few minutes, and they were neither rude nor discouraging when I asked my question. I simply asked where I could find more information about Coca Cola’s products and marketing strategies, and the woman on the phone directed me straight to the Coca Cola website and told me how to navigate the website and find what I was looking for. I also found it a relief that the person on the other side of the phone was warm and inviting and did not seem bothered to answer any of my questions that I may have had. This shows me that Coca Cola is concerned with having good customer service and that they are concerned with how their consumers view them, and want to be portrayed in a good light. 

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