Monday, October 4, 2010

Canon Blog

The only blog that I was able to find that Canon runs is their Canon Cinema Caravan: Blog. They don’t seem to have a general blog for communicating with their customers. What the Canon Cinema Caravan: Blog does is it documents the Canon Cinema Caravan, which, according to their website, is a month-long showcase of EOS HD learning resources”. The blog contains a diary of the things that have gone on during the tour; a contest to create a commercial around a Canon product, which is voted on by customers; tutorials on Canon products; and a list of the equipment they use.

I think they use this blog to reach out to the people, customers and people who don’t use their products, who are interested in photography, but might not be able to come to the tour. I think it’s an effective blog because it is casual and fun, which makes it feel less like a corporation talking and more like it’s coming from people who are just interested in photography. Also, the contest and user voting aspects are a great way to get people involved and to use their creativity, while feeling like they are a part of Canon Inc.

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