Friday, October 29, 2010

Johnson and Johnson CSR

In Johnson and Johnson’s 2008 Sustainability Report they write that their “promise to health care” is an important issue that they are focusing on. The report takes about a full page to explain why they consider this topic important. However, it seems to me already that the issue is extremely broad. When I read on to the 9th page they then say “It includes supporting health care reforms that put the individual at the center; helping others develop effective prevention programs based on our own experience in employee health; and developing educational programs that help build capacity and enable health care practitioners and government health and hospital administrators to upgrade their skills” and I immediately realize I am correct. Johnson and Johnson Corporation is trying to tackle too many issues instead of focusing on one like Starbucks. Then the sustainability report goes on to explain how they package their product because environment is another issue they are trying to tackle. The issue on environment is a combination of water challenges and waste management. Johnson and Johnson is focusing on a combination of social and environmental issues. Normally, companies try to focus on one aspect because their vision, tactics and performance can be in-depth and guarantee higher success rate. Although Johnson and Johnson goes in depth on each of their issues their tactics to meet objectives are weak. However, in their performance indicator they seem to have made good improvements for each for their categories. I would have liked to see Johnson and Johnson chose either environment or social issue and then really become apart of that issue. I think instead they dabbled in a lot of things and used their name for recognition for the smaller non-profit companies that put in all the work.

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