Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goldman Sachs-related Blog Coverage

Goldman Sachs’s prominence and notoriety make it a target for financial blogs. For this assignment’s sake, I will focus on two highly credible blogs: The Business Insider and the New York Times DealBook. Recently, both blogs have had Goldman’s fraud suit, internal
operations, and moves to comply with new financial regulation on their radars.

The Business Insider provides profound financial reports in its Clusterstock section. This section is a high-ranking financial blog and receives approximately 4 million unique readers each month. Its audience is largely comprised of financial services professionals; thus, it reports regarding Goldman Sachs are – presumably – effective.

The DealBook primarily focuses on mergers and acquisitions. Its reporters host impressive resumes (including a former Sherman and Sterling mergers and acquisitions attorney), and as it is featured in the New York Times’ business section, it has high reach and impact.

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