Monday, October 4, 2010

Hearst-related Blogs

Because Hearst Corporation is such a big company with many components, including magazines, digital, entertainment, broadcasting, real estate, newspapers, etc., I decided to focus on one of those areas (my favorite of them all), Hearst Magazines. Hearst Magazines (or Hearst Publications) gets frequent publicity more through trades than blogs.'s FishbowlNY frequently "blogs" about Hearst's publications, but in more of a news format, meaning they try to provide more facts, than opinions.

One particular blog I found truly focused on one of their magazines, Seventeen. The blog titled The Seventeen Magazine Project was based on an 18 year old girl who planned on following "the gospel" that is Seventeen. She took one of the issues, and blogged every day, focusing on one area of the magazine. This was great for Seventeen because their name was getting put in the center of this girl's attention for the world to see. The girl did not fully agree with everything the magazine said, so she seemed very genuine, and Seventeen came out on top when the writer realized that she wanted to further her studies with her new blog,, which was created to be "1. a collective set of media representations defining society's understanding of the exotic condition known as adolescence 2: a blog meant to analyze, deconstruct, and promote discussion centered around these representations."

The power of Seventeen!

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