Monday, October 4, 2010

Vera Bradley

When searching for a Vera Bradley company blog, I was unable to find anything within an immediate internet search. The only blogs that exist are areas where people are buying and selling Vera Bradley products or posting their own opinions and reviews about new Vera Bradley products that may have been released. Examples of these blogs include Buy That Purse and Discount Fabric Handbags.
With access to Vera Bradley’s Intranet site as an employee for the company, I was able to search within there to see if there was a company blog. On the main page, titled “The Thread,” there are company announcements where employees can view recent news about Vera Bradley as a whole, and then navigate to a specific store’s Intranet site where store specific news can be posted. However there is still no “blog” type places where people can blog about their employment or company experiences.

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