Monday, October 18, 2010

Wegmans Blog

Wegmans created an employee blog on their website this past July. The blog is called "Fresh Stoies" and is authored by employees across their many departments. Employees blog about a variety of topics, including upcoming events, new recipes, nutritional advice, going green efforts, and seasonal updates. Readers are able to post comments and questions to all of the blog posts, and after looking through several comments, it appeared as though the employees are very timely as far as responding to questions. The page also has links to the Wegmans Twitter and Facebook accounts.
I also found a site called "Wegmans Wire," which is another Wegmans blog that posts company updates and product recalls. However, it did not seem like the site had been updated in a while (I think the last post was from May). It did have a live Twitter feed at the bottom of the page and links to other related blogs and sites.
Another blog I found that was related to Wegmans, though not in a positive way, was called "Wegmans Cruelty." This blog highlights animal cruelty associated with the farms that provide eggs to Wegmans. This blog allowed for comments as well, however it did not seem to be actively updated or have many comments on it.

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