Friday, October 1, 2010

Johnson and Johnson Blogs

The corporation Johnson and Johnson recently created a blog for their clients in 2007. This called JNJ BTW, which stands for Johnson and Johnson By The Way. This blog is dedicated to the 120,000 employees at Johnson and Johnson. The blog was created and is currently managed by Johnson and Johnson’s media relations’ position, Marc Monseau. This blog allows employees to blog about what the company is doing, how they are doing it and also comment about the industry they are in. I personally felt that finding this blog was difficult and it is not clearly mentioned on the Johnson and Johnson corporate website. Furthermore, since 2007 there has only been 96 blogs. However, the blogs are consistent and honest and they mainly focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Besides for this corporate blog run by Johnson and Johnson I could not find anything else that was run by the corporation or that gave employees more of a voice. I wanted to read about what the employee’s thought of the latest scandal and what the employees thought about working at the company.

I also followed Johnson and Johnson on Twitter for both JNJ Stories and JNJ Comm. These two twitter accounts allowed me to see the external feelings about the company. I believe that Johnson and Johnson need to make more of an opportunity for their employees to be heard. There were other blogs about Johnson and Johnson like and In regards to just Johnson and Johnson having their own blogs for the public to see I could only find one. This was extremely disappointing because the blogs on JNJBTW were not effective. They were not effective because I wanted less of a journalist view of what was going on and more of “tweets” that allowed me to see how people actually felt and things that were being done internally.

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