Monday, October 4, 2010

Macy's Inc Blog

Macy's Inc is involved with an online site called "Business Exchange," which is a site that gives access to the most relevant content for brand name businesses. It is filtered by business professionals that connect you to different blogs, news and information about a certain business.

If I wanted to look up different blogs that mention Macy's or that is running Macy's promotions on their site- "Business Exchange" would find it. Since there are a lot of subsidiaries to the Macy's brand; it seems easier for them to filter out where they are being mentioned on the internet.

I personally think that this is not a great move on Macy's part. They need to put a little more time and effort into their stores. Each Macy's store should have a blog within their store division; that way customers know what is going on within their own community. The "Business Exchange" site feels very impersonal and not worth the time.

Macy's Inc really needs to give their website a make over and get involved with social media. They're a old company that needs to get hip with what is going on in the world of technology today.

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