Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Diversity-Four Seasons Hotels

Four Seasons Hotels are diverse within the company as well as outside where they have locations. They employees and guests are from all over the world and welcome and respect everyone equally. "Our languages, religious beliefs, cultures and traditions are varied and may not be familiar to each of us. Our goal is that each person will feel respected and welcomed, and will sense our wish to understand and value each other’s differences." Four Seasons-Diversity
Four Seasons Hotels are serious about respecting customs and traditions of their employees and guest. "We always endeavor to select and retain the best-qualified individuals based upon job-related qualifications and regardless of any protected group status under the law." 
Four Season is successful as a luxury hotel because of the exceptional personal customer service. they adhere  to standards. Four Seasons Hotels in different countries adapt to local customs and strive to blend with the environment they are in. Four Seasons is successful across the globe because of their policy and belief in diversity.

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