Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NFL Blogs

The National Football League is a trailblazer when its comes to fan participation. Its website in its entirety is really just one big community for fans, writers, onlookers, and contributors. The NFL equipped every aspect of the website with the accessibility for fans to contribute their own opinions and organically build their own conversations. Every article and every highlight reel gives viewers the ability to provide their own thoughts and opinions in a completely interactive arena. These posts, however, are closely monitored. The NFL is a prestigious organization with a tendency to abide by a high standard of morality, so if any posts contain profanity or lude language the comment will be removed and the user banned from the site.

There are also many aspects of the site that are designed specifically for fans alone to discuss the topics of their choosing. The site provides fans with fantasy football forums, polls, and a team-by-team blog that they refer to as "Fan Voice". The site also hosts weekly web-chats with all of their writers and gives fans the ability to ask them questions and suggest content. Finally, the site also provides and open forum to discuss the business aspects of the league and provides timely and sufficient customer service to any queries. Even the commisioner himself has weekly fan conversations through the site.

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