Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Starbucks Blog

On the Starbucks website I found a company blog called the "Shared Values Blog." I was impressed to find a blog on the site that employees of the company can write on. Then, I did some more research by looking at the blog itself. I was extremely disappointed to find that there was only one entry written by a group marketing manager promoting Starbucks, Shared Planet. The entry was posted back in April of 2010, and has no comments.

However, there is another Starbucks blog that is not affiliated with the company that is quite developed and has a lot of followers. The blog is called "Starbucks Gossip: Monitoring America's Favorite Drug Dealer." There are regular postings about what is going on with the company that are commented on regularly. In addition to regular Starbucks "gossip" about new products and what is going on with the company, the blogger will write posts directly relating to Starbucks employees for them to comment on.

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