Sunday, March 6, 2011

American Broadcasting Company's Social Media Efforts

ABC is a company that relies heavily on their appearance on air and online. Because it is a broadcasting company, the website is frequently updated with news and weather. also offers a large database of ABC programs that are available to visitors of the site. For a company that is advanced in online technology, ABC acts as a fore-runner in social media campaigns. As the site has a Facebook page, twitter account and a Youtube channel, they advance their optimization by linking each site within another. ABC takes social media one further step; they utilize a social media method, called GetGlue, to promote their television shows. GetGlue is a mobile application that functions much like the online site FourSquare. GetGlue allows viewers to “check-in” to the programs they are watching. As part of their campaign, ABC offers prizes to those who check in to their show Pretty Little Liars. This innovative tool brings results to both the company and the viewer. Through ABC’s collaboration with GetGlue, it is clear that they intend to use social media in order to progress their company and the programs their company produces.

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