Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Social Media - NBC Universal

NBC Universal owns Oxygen Network, which is where I am currently interning. At the Oxygen offices, they have a set, which they use to tape live chats with Oxygen celebrities. Today, while I was interning, Oxygen was setting up for a live web chat with one of the cast members from season 4 of Bad Girls Club. I asked my supervisor about this program. Emily told me that fans could log onto Oxygen Live and instantly video chat with their favorite star. She also explained to me that through viral web chats, ratings for Oxygen shows have gone up. A lot of Oxygen fans have expressed that this has made them feel more connected with their Oxygen stars. Oxygen has used the Internet to its advantage, fans have been impressed and ratings have increased. Viral web chats is an effective method for Oxygen because it’s a reality based network and being able to speak with the celebrity live is an exciting opportunity for fans.

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