Sunday, March 13, 2011

Target & Social Media Analysis

I really like the way that Target manages their facebook page. What’s intriguing to the viewer, or consumer, immediately is the way the company manages the tabs at the top. Target uses facebook to their advantage as they use each tab as a separate them – ideally to target a different demographic in each one. For example, the first tab that is featured is the “Gaga” tab. This is obviously for those who like Lady Gaga; the majority of her fans are young adults and teenagers. The next tab that caught my eye was the “Print to Take.” This is brilliant because Target knows their facebook followers love to post pictures, this advanced feature allows their “fans” to print pictures. I also like how fans are able to customize their own priorities in the face book page under the “My Target Weekly.”

Even though I liked Target’s approach on facebook, I’m not as keen to their approach on twitter. First of all, they don’t nearly put as much effort on twitter as they do compared to the former social media outlet. Target only has 111,000 followers on twitter compared to over 3 million on facebook. Also, the only tweets seem to be random current event questions or discount coupons. Target could be a lot more engaging with their twitter followers; they could create a concept or a even a theme that would get more people interested.

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