Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apple, Inc. Social Media and Customer Service

As a leader in consumer electronics, Apple Inc. is one of the few large corporations not exercising social media. Apple heavily relies on user-generated buzz with all of the feedback Apple consumers provide via their own blog, Twitter, video and podcasts. While it is only speculation why Apple does not use social media, Apple has gained a widespread online presence with out it. Many companies use social media to interact with their customers. Apple uses Steve Job's highly anticipated annual keynotes at Macworld to speak to his audience. With the new release of the iPad 2, the Internet was buzzing with lives feeds from the unveiling conference. It is through social media that customers respond and interact to his announcement. While Apple has not used a social media campaign driven solely at the corporate name, they have begun using Twitter for their popular music sharing software, iTunes.

Customer Service Call
Recently, I called Apple's customer service number in regards to my MacBook. When I was first connected I was given an estimated waiting time of 20 minutes. After about 25 minutes of being on hold, a customer service rep picked up. Unfortunately our call was disconnected and I was forced to revisit the waiting process. When I got through again the rep immediately asked me for a contact name and number should we get disconnected. The rep was very friendly and able to answer all of my questions and concerns. At the end of the phone call he recited our conversation back to me. While the representative I worked with was very helpful I found the customer service process to be very complicated and long.

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