Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Disney Company and Social Media

The Walt Disney Corporation has been a household name for over eight decades in family entertainment. Today, it has become a global enterprise, reaching people across the world through television, Internet, and movies. Over the past years, social networking has become a critical element in the expansion of businesses and Disney has incorporated a vast amount of Internet-based networking objectives to attract and engage even more consumers then ever before.
For example, besides the obvious social networking channels like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Youtube, they've added an interactive component to their main site Disney.com, titled "Disney Xtreme Digital." Through this, Disney lovers can create personal profiles where they can post pictures, music, and interact with others through games and chats. At the same time, employing strict parental controls. This site was created with solely Disney fans in mind.
Another more recent example stems from within the Disney blog. Blog readers are now encouraged to attend the theme parks with an objective in mind--find the object that was posted in a photo from the blog and submit where you located it in the park. This encourages potential consumers to not only be interactive but to visit the parks with a goal.
The most recent example stems off Disney' motto "Let the Memories Begin," where people are encouraged to place their own personal videos and pictures on Disney's website. Disney parks will then possibly use and create commercials for national television as part of their new campaign "Let the Memories Begin." Another part of this campaign includes candid photos of people at the parks displayed nightly at the Walt Disney World Resort's Cinderella Castle in Orlando, Flordia and It's a Small World at Disneyland Resort in California.
Not only has the Walt Disney Corporation involved itself in social networking, its continued to captivate its audience by generating consumer's experiences into genuine campaigns directed at future costumers.

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