Monday, March 7, 2011

Social Media- Coca Cola

The Coca Cola Company is doing a number of things online regarding the social media aspect, and one in particular is their Happiness expedition. For this online contest three winners were chosen and traveled to the 206 different countries where Coca-Cola is sold. The winners were to document their travels via social media such as twitter, facebook, and blogs and upload pictures about their trips. These winners set out to find out what makes people happy and to share that with the rest of the world. Online, others can participate and choose which team they want to watch and their journey through their expedition to the various countries. All of the stories from the “ambassadors” were to be put online, and from there everyone could participate and see each winner’s separate journey. By doing this, Coca Cola not only stressed how happiness can be found in all different parts of the world, but also through Coca Cola products. With the social media aspect, they were able to show this campaign to various different outlets and therefore became a large participant in social media. 

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