Monday, March 21, 2011

Hofstra Communications Article

Hofstra Communication: an Edge Above the Rest

Knowing the right people always helps in the quest for an ideal internship. This need for networking is more than satisfied at the Hofstra School of Communications. With a dedicated staff of professors experienced in a myriad of fields, that dream internship isn’t too far out of reach. Maggie Doherty, Jamie Atkinson, and Jenn Picard are just three of many students that obtained top-notch internships because of the Hofstra School of Communications.

Maggie Doherty, 21, of Saratoga New York is currently majoring in print journalism. She obtained a prestigious internship with OK magazine. “My professor informed me of the internship and encouraged me to pursue the opportunity.” In her brief time at OK, she has already composed and conducted an interview on Chris Medina from American idol. “My interview was published on the online magazine, and I’m preparing an interview with Lo Bosworth from the hills now.” Doherty is gaining experience many college students don’t have the access to. “It’s fast paced, vibrant, and a professional setting, now that I have gotten this internship I have the confidence to move on to bigger and better ones.”

Jamie Atkinson, 22, of Little Rock Arkansas is majoring in print journalism and archeology. This unique pairing limited her internship field to a small pool of opportunities, and many of which wouldn’t combine her two fields of study. Through her advisors and Professor Goodman, Atkinson was able to network with curators at the Museum of Natural History in New York. Ultimately her successful studies at the Hofstra School of Communication allowed for her to achieve this dream internship. Atkinson currently works in cataloging artifacts, and conducting back checks on items. Her research on ancient textiles has been so successful she has been offered a grant in order to publish her work. “I have been emailing an art history scholar I read about in textbooks, it’s an amazing opportunity for me and I’m grateful of the guidance I got at Hofstra.”

Jenn Picard, 20, of Red Hook New York also has had the opportunity to combine her unique studies at Hofstra in a dream internship working on a Campaign for Anthony Weiner in Congress. Picard has a double major in public relations and political science and without guidance from Hofstra she wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity. At the internship Picard learned to canvas audiences, run public events, and work alongside campaign managers to successfully re-elect Weiner. “I was able to combine my two fields of study, and get hands on experience that will benefit me in the future.”

Students in the Hofstra School of communication have the support and encouragement of a dedicated staff, and the opportunities to succeed in their fields. These opportunities are the building blocks to successful careers, and an edge for Hofstra students that many other schools do not offer.

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